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Welcome to my little pocket of the world wide web! Now, raise your hand if you're a hoarder of books or dreamed of taking a break from the chaos of life by slipping into the pages of another world or get lost in many a wonderful daydream. If your hand is up, you are not alone and we may very well be kindred spirits! 

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Stories, songs, plays that I made my siblings perform. Oh, and there was that brief stint where I thought I was a poet (spoiler: I wasn't). But I was a storyteller and I've spent years writing many a tale. More often than not those tales were filled with angst and heartbreak and secrets and even more angst. And then we entered the year 2020. With the world a mess I no longer wanted to escape into angst, I wanted to escape from it.

Enter romantic comedies.


I fell in love with the lightness of these books. The hope and sweetness and humour that leapt from the pages and I knew that I wanted to contribute to that. So, I switched gears and now write the books that kept me afloat through a turbulent few years. 

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I'm a crier. Anything will set me off. A book, a movie, a commercial, spotting an elderly couple holding hands, a cute animal. Realising I'm out of chocolate. ANYTHING. 

I loathe the word banter, but somehow chose to write the genre that relies heavily on the word banter.

I can quote word for word the scene in Twister where Jo and Bill have it out in the midst of a tornado bearing down on them with their entire crew listening in. 'You've never seen it!' If you know the scene I'm talking about, we're meant to be friends.

Donuts are my weakness. And chocolate. Ice cream too. Ooh also cheesecake. Let's be real, any form of dessert. In fact, I am a firm believer that there is always room for dessert.

I love going to the beach in winter. Yes, that's right. Winter. Not summer. I hate summer.  

I live in a city with a cafe on every corner and arguably the best coffee known to humankind but I still love me a cup of Nescafe Blend 43.

I'm the world's worst texter, emailer, responder to any form of communication - it will sometimes take me weeks to respond (my friends can vouch for that). And there's a very good chance that my response sat as a draft in the Notes app on my phone first.

Some of my comfort shows are: The Big Bang Theory, Superstore, Madam Secretary, The Newsroom, Vanderpump Rules.

My favourite book of all time is On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta.

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