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My Dream Cast


Ellie Foster

"I snort at everyone. It's kinda my thing."


Annaliese Kippler

"Me being wrong is a rare thing."


Lacey Fletcher

"If I tell you to pat a puppy or make a balloon animal, you'll do it, and you'll do it with a smile."


Jason Holden

"Because the butterflies fade and when they do, there needs to be something stronger that remains."


Georgia Kemp

"If I were you I'd march right over there and mark your territory."


Tammy Rivera

"Shameless, opportunistic piranhas."

My Dream Cast

Fun Facts

Until You
  • Like A Distant Voice, the idea for Until You came from the TV show Nashville.. I truly was obsessed with the first two season of that show! I loved the episodes in Season 1 where Juliette Barnes dates that football player to improve her image and ends up falling for him. When Ellie popped into my head though, I was surprised that she wasn't a movie star or singer, but a normal girl with a normal life.

  • I wanted to shine a spotlight on how social media can be twisted to someone's advantage, and disadvantage. 

  • The Planet Gazers movies, and the hysteria behind them, is loosely based on the Twilight mayhem. 

  • This was my first attempt at writing a book that had the romance in the front and centre. The idea of writing a romance was foreign to me but I was so giddy about Ellie and Jason that I dove in head first and never looked back.

  • I toyed with the idea of basing the book solely in LA and that lasted all of a second! I’m a romantic and I love to travel. Sending them on a whirlwind trip overseas was a no brainer and it allowed me the opportunity to show the world of 5 star hotels and restaurants, and red carpet treatment from the eyes of a seasoned professional and a complete novice. Things that Jason took for granted were experiences someone like Ellie would never have the opportunity to do. And I wanted to explore how someone who was new to the world of celebrity would cope with suddenly being thrust into the spotlight. Plus it gave me an excuse to scroll through all my old holiday photos from Paris, London and New York in the name of research instead of sadly reminiscing about holidays past and wishing I was back there! That is what we call living through our characters:)

  • Rebecca was my favourite character to write in this book. She's not a major character, or in it for long, but she was so refreshing to write that I'm wishing I'd added more of her! 

Fun Facts

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Until You really helped me during the writing and editing process, keeping me in the minds of the characters as so many of the lyrics were so in sync with how Ellie and Jason were feeling throughout the course of the book.

I started out with only two songs in my head before I started writing, and these two songs really helped shape the characters and their love story. And they were:


Will You Love Me Tomorrow by Carole King - the lyrics of this song really resonated with the character of Jason, and his fears that people only want the movie star and not the person.


Ordinary People by John Legend - this song is the relationship between Ellie and Jason. The ups and downs and back and forth and the uncertainty of where they're heading. To me, it's their song.


The Soundtrack
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