My Dream Cast


"I have made my choice. Now you must make yours."

Tempani of Amarill


"I have seen the downside of power. I know the darkness it can create in someone, and I don't want that life."

Prince Theodore

"You may think me a monster, but I do what I must for Amarill."

Otto of Amarill

"I've seen too much to believe in happily ever afters."


"You can't just flutter your lashes at me to make me forget what I want to know."

Madoc of Pina


"You may think me arrogant but never doubt my compassion for my people. Ever."

Prince Nicolass


"Because we live in an unjust kingdom. And we must be who they want us to be."

Chae of Amarill

"Why should two people who love each other so dearly have to skulk around? I want to shout my feelings from the highest mountain."

Dahlia of Raine

"There's not much in our lives that is fair, my dear. It's what we do with the injustices that matters."

Darby of Coastir

"We always have a choice, my daughter."

Mother Chennai


Fun Facts

  • My idea for The Jewel of Kamara was formed over a number of years. I had to read Alanna – The First Adventure for a class in Uni and I fell in love with it and with the Young Adult Fantasy genre. I guess I have my one semester of University to thank for that! 

  • After reading the Tortall series I went on a researching spree. Notebooks filled with notes on mythical creatures, different cultures around the world, life in medieval times. I had all the research but I didn't have my characters. Or a story.

  • My first attempt at Kamara was a disaster. Nothing happened in the story. No conflict, no decisions, nothing. It was all too easy for the characters. So I started again. And again. And again. I honestly think I had six to seven beginnings until I got it right. I cut out some of my favourite characters and scenes because they didn’t fit. But I’m glad I did because it got the story to where I wanted it to be. Now I live by the phrase ‘kill your darlings’. Sometimes you have to sacrifice characters and scenes for a good story. 

  • I wanted to show the struggle of someone who doesn't know where they belong in the world. The nobility expects one thing from her, and her mother's people expect another and she's in the middle trying to find herself. 

  • I get a lot of questions from people regarding Teddy. And the answer is, yes he is gay and in love with Chae. I wanted to be subtle about it because his sexuality was not a key theme in the book. His faith was what I wanted people to focus on, because ultimately it is his faith that is tested. 

  • I loved my cast of characters so much that after I published it I missed them terribly. I had essentially lived and breathed these characters for years so it felt like I'd lost my best friends! 

  • Bhatia was my favourite to write! Sassy and snarky and just downright rude, I adored her:)

  • I've been working on a sequel for a number of years so I can try to make up for the sad endings I left some of my characters in, but none of the ideas have felt right so far. I currently have one that I'm playing around with so fingers crossed, this is the one. If there's a character you'd like me to revisit, let me know!


The Soundtrack

The soundtrack to The Jewel of Kamara is filled with songs that remind me of certain scenes and characters, and when I hear them I can visualize my book.

Colors of the Wind - this song is Tempani. It is her battle and her heart and her world. 


A Thousand Years by Christina Perri - this song is Nic's feelings for Tempani. He's waited for her forever, she is everything to him and he'll never want anyone else.

Die Easy by Rag'n'Bone Man - ah Teddy. This song belongs to you. Your happy ending is mapped out in my head and I promise to one day get it down on paper for you.


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