What Do You Mean I'm A Writer?

At what point does one call themselves a writer? Is it from the moment we set out to write our first book? Maybe once we’ve finished a first draft? Or perhaps we wait until we’re published, whether that’s traditionally or self-published.

The moment for me came a lot later than it should have.


Because I was riddled with self-doubt and those annoying, nagging voices rattling around in my head telling myself that because I haven’t cracked the big-time I’m technically not a writer. And once I tell people I am a writer they’ll expect that I’m doing it full-time and they’ll ask me lots of questions about it and I’ll freeze up and expose the fraud that I am.

Well, that’s just bull. And I wish I’d told myself that at the time.

For years I never referred to myself as a writer. I worked in administration. And I wrote on the side. It was a hobby. Something I dabbled in.

Again, that’s bull.

It took a friend of mine to knock some sense into me. When I self-published my first book, being the self-doubting person that I am, I downplayed it. Until she read me the riot act and practically screamed at me ‘you’ve written a book! You’re a writer.’

The light bulb 💡 went off, it clicked into place.

I am a writer.

I should’ve been calling myself a writer the moment I decided to really dedicate myself to my craft and The Jewel of Kamara.

So, I will leave you with the advice I wish I’d given to myself many years ago.

"If you write, you’re a writer. Simple as that."

Now when people ask me what I do I say ‘I’m a writer who works in administration’. I’ve taken the title of writer and I wear it proudly.

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