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My Story Ideas


For years I'd jot down all my ideas in different notebooks, scraps of paper and in my phone and could never find the ones I wanted when I needed them!


So, about a year ago I wrote a list of every single idea I had, what inspired it (whether it be a song, a TV show or just a random thought) and any characters I had in mind for the story. BUT I knew that if I left my list on a piece of paper I would ultimately lose it because whilst I'm a somewhat organised person, I do have scatterbrained tendencies and unfortunately for me, those seem to apply to my author life.


Enter, the My Story Ideas document where I keep all my ideas in one spot, and saved where I'm always be able to find it. 

This document has not only helped me feel less scatterbrained but also excited about all the ideas I have, and there are a lot! I hope it helps you too:)

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