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Copy of Four girls. Three Secrets. One f

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YA Suspense

Two years after the tragic death of their best friend, three girls return to Camp Fallen Hills for one final summer before college.

As long held secrets unravel, and truths are revealed, the girls must face up to what really happened during that fateful summer.

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Project Student Council

YA Contemporary

Overachiever Abbie plans every minute of her life but she didn’t plan on tying for the position of senior class president with her former best friend Jay. And she didn’t plan on her panic attacks resurfacing. Or her parents forcing her to cut back on her commitments to ‘enjoy’ her senior year. 

Determined to keep them off her back, she enters into a deal with Jay. For every fun, non-school related activity she does he’ll do a shift at the center she volunteers at. She’ll get to keep her parents happy and maybe convince Jay to take life and their senior year more seriously.

Status: Editing